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Stars + Bars
no country for beginners
(etchings and sculpture)


A small portrait of America - a nation of paradox in times of change and soul searching.

Artwork from the perspective of a foreign insider. 


There are parallels between German history and the current  trajectory of American politics. This  work explores the strangeness and paradoxes in American culture and the thread that ties it to similar events  in human history.

The work visually exposes an eternal aesthetic truth that lies beneath people and places. The project ‘Stars and Bars - No Country for Beginners’ visually represents cultural experience,  the human condition and the difficulty to understand a country with intense complexity.


Last man standing

Clay, Wood

21 x 11 x 12 inches


last man standing (side).jpg
last man standing.jpg
last man standing side.jpg
jesus don't cry.jpg

Jesus don't cry - this is America

Clay, Wood

27 x 35 inches

jesus don't cry detail2.jpg
jesus don't cry detail1.jpg
bad hair day 3.png
bad hair day 4.png
Bad Hair Day
Clay, Glaze, Gold Leaf, Metal
9 x 10 x 6 inches
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